ZUST President Ye Gaoxiang Visited Universities in Germany, Greece and Italy2015-12-28 09:53:00

   On Nov. 4-13, 2015, Professor Ye Gaoxiang, president of ZUST, led a delegation to visit Germany, Greece and Italy for educational exchange. The delegation visited 6 universities including Kiel University, Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, University of Gottingen, the National Technical University of Athens, Athens School of Fine Arts and NABA. During the trip, the delegation also paid a visit to the German Planton Biological Analysis Company and met with the ZUST students studying in Hannover University of Applied Sciences and NABA.

    During the visit to Kiel University in Germany, president Ye Gaoxiang exchanged ideas with Prof. Dr. Karin Schwarz, vice president of Kiel University, on student exchange program, summer study tour, and scientific research collaboration projects. The two sides agreed to make efforts to promote the students exchange and study tours, and facilitate the scientific research collaboration between the faculties of the two universities.

During the visit to Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, ZUST president Ye Gaoxiang and Hannover president Von Helton reviewed the 30-year history of cooperation, and discussed over the reform of German Language Proficiency Test for the students of “2+3 Double-Degree Programs”. After the meeting, Ye Gaoxiang and Von Helton revealed the sculpture celebrating "30 years of successful cooperation - Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts & Zhejiang University of Science and Technology”. This sculpture will be presented to ZUST by Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts and exhibited in the Chinese-German Friendship Garden.

    During the visit to the University of Gottingen, president Ye Gaoxiang and Prof. Hiltraud Casper-Hehne, vice president of the University of Gottingen, exchanged views on the topics of : the faculty and student exchange program, professional and language training, and summer study tour, etc.  President Ye stated that ZUST would ensure smooth implementation of the on-going projects and try to send more teachers and students to the University of Gottingen for exchange or study.

    During the visit to the National Technical University of Athens, president Ye and Dimitris Papantonis, vice president (academic) of National Technical University of Athens, introduced the discipline layout and international cooperation of each university. Both sides agreed to jointly promote the cooperation between the two universities starting with summer study tours and teacher training projects. After the meeting, the delegation visited the various laboratories of the National Technical University of Athens.

    During the visit to Athens School of Fine Arts, the delegation met with president Panos Charalambous, vice president Sophia Denissi and vice president Nikos Tranos. Both sides agreed to send teachers to each other for short-term teaching and start the summer study tour project for art students. During the visit, the delegation, accompanied by vice president Nikos Tranos, visited the studio, professional classrooms, and the library.

    During the visit to NABA, the delegation, accompanied by NABA president Marc Ledermann, visited the campus and the professional classrooms, studio and library. Then, both sides held a friendly discussion about the on-going student exchange project and agreed to further promote bilateral cooperation and to set up a “3+1 Double-degree Program”.

     During the visit, President Ye met with ZUST students who were currently studying in Germany and Italy.  He encouraged the students to make full use of the time and improve the language and professional skills.

   The trip is short but fruitful, which has set a solid foundation for the development of international cooperative projects.
Visit to Kiel University
Visit to Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Visit to University of Gottingen
Visit to the National Technical University of Athens
Visit to Athens School of Fine Arts

Visit to NABA
President Ye Gaoxiang met with ZUST students in Germany

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